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In our interior design team we have in house designers work with/for various architects and organizations from preliminary design by integrating your ideas and to meet your needs for a unique environment.
Builders in Muvattupuzha,Cochin,Kerala


To make the conceptual design to a reality, experience team make all the construction drawings to implement at the site and get realistic budgets for the client.The devil is in the details.
Builders in Muvattupuzha,Cochin,Kerala


We prefer to visualise and present the client all the details at the conceptual stage to avoid any miscommunications either by realistic visuals, benchmarks or proper text. The devil is in the details.
Builders in Muvattupuzha,Cochin,Kerala

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East Kerala Builders was started 7 Aug 2000 based at Muvattupuzha.With the express intension of bridging the divide that exist between peoples perception of their personal spaces & the stark reality of the building coming up in our urban jungles.East Kerala Builders have succeeded in redefining the face of a large number of Houses in Muvattupuzha.


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Mekkadampu,Muvattupuzha,Kerala Mob:(+91) 8281064803 Email:bibingeorge89@gmail.com, Email:bibin@eastkeralabuilders.com
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