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East Kerala Builders

East Kerala Builders was started 7 Aug 2000 with the express intension of bridging the divide that exist between peoples perception of their personal spaces & the stark reality of the building coming up in our urban jungles.

A human mind is extremely sensitive to the surroundings & this very same surrounding has very deep impact on the human mind. A deep sense of well being is required for us to function at our best surroundings , the people, the traffic, career objectives etc has direct bearing on our sense of well being.The aim of our practice is to design looking at spaces as ecological spaces not just physical spaces. Response to climate, conserving and using natural resources judiciously, and eliminating waste streams are sought to be consciously built in to each project. The buildings are usually built with earth, harvest rain, sun and wind, encourage recycling and reuse, attract local plants and birds and be unique but comfortable spaces. The perfect architectural plans, interior designs and landscape designs with all above considerations also inspiring to give you interior design ideas.

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